Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So, you waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping again, and now you're scrambling to buy a gift for that special someone in your life before the holidays, huh? It happens to the best of us - Luckily, it's not too late for you to not only find a gift for your loved one, but a great one at that!

Now, first of all, you may be panicking for no reason. If you have a few days before you plan to exchange gifts, you can still go buy a great gift online at a site like - they offer free two-day shipping, so you can be sure that you receive your item in time for the big day! Obviously, if you need to have something right this moment, this probably isn't going to work for you.

The following tips are for you really desperate people who probably completely forgot about the whole "Christmas" thing. Here are some great last minute Christmas gift ideas that you can give to your significant other in a pinch that they'll love!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas:

A Mix Tape - Nothing can say "I love you" in quite the same way as a mix tape or CD. You have to put some thought into it, though - Make sure that you pick songs that have meaning to the person you're giving it to, or at least that your mixed tape has songs that they would like on it! If you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend, include her favorite love songs, or songs that have a special significance for your relationship, like the song that was playing on the radio when you first met. If you're just making one for a friend, try to pick a bunch of songs that they would like.

A Collage - Don't buy some lame Hallmark card at a grocery store - make a collage. Just get some paper and a bunch of photos of you and your friend together and remind them of all of those precious memories that you two share. This is an inexpensive, easy to make, and most importantly thoughtful gift - He or she will love you!

A Handmade Custom T-Shirt - Just take a plain shirt and make it special! Draw or paint a picture or design on it that matches their personality, or put a special message or in-joke between the two of you on it to show them that they mean a lot to you!

Alcohol - Everyone likes alcohol, right? You've most likely got an un-opened bottle of (hopefull good) wine tucked away somewhere in your home - Why not give it as a gift? If you don't have any on hand, a quick trip to the ABC store can change that. Just don't be stingy - No one is going to be impressed with a $3 bottle of Arbor Mist. If you're going to give wine as a gift for someone, get the good stuff. If the person would prefer liquor over wine, go for a nice bottle of their favorite brand.

Candy or Flowers - The classics. While some might think these are cliche and cheesy gifts, there are many people that would appreciate receiving them, and they can be bought quickly pretty much anywhere.

Well, there you go - A few great last-minute Christmas gift ideas that you can use to give a great present to someone special. Now go get to it! You can thank us later...

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